I paint the landscape as a way to make sense of the world around us. It has become an essential part of my therapeutic and spiritual practice. Spending time outdoors, wandering and looking, imbues me with incredible energy which I try to transport into my paintings. I am fascinated by light and movement, and that tends to be the focal point in all my paintings. I am interested in the space between figurative and abstraction – the concept of Lost and Found in images.

I use a range of mediums and textures to create the emotion of being in a place. Being process-led, I use the disciplines of paintings and drawing interchangeably, allowing materials, intuition and memory guide me. My colour inspirations come from a variety of sources – images of the original place as well as any pastel, or watercolour tube that might be calling out to me in the moment. I am interested in the atmospheric and moody qualities of our environment, and employ a lot of spontaneous and strong mark making to keep the paintings loose and expressive.