Homeward Bound


This project is a response to my dilemmas about homemaking – my tendency to constantly relocate and the desire to remain anchored to a singular sense of home. I was keen that the improvised labour of homemaking be the central idea to my piece. Working site-specifically felt the most appropriate way to document and present this narrative. This work was purely conceived in cardboard, a material that is very close to my heart. As a material and an object it has very close associations with the everyday life, with movement and housing. All the cardboard used in this installation came from the skips in and around Dundee City center and as donations from friends and staff at the University. 

The resulting visual forms are a response to dwelling in the studio space over time. The physical pieces were made and re-made over the installation period of one month. To ensure that the process is visible in the final forms, I chose simple lo-fi methods of construction such as – bending, stapling, taping, folding and tearing.  Working iteratively and from a sense of play, there were times when a sculpture was purely a happenstance. I intend for this work to facilitate a different kind of environment, one where people would like to spend some time and think, and in the process dwell in this cardboard play space.

P.S.  While this was meant to be a space where people would interact and touch the cardboard bits, showcasing it in the midst of Covid meant altered ways of experiencing Homeward Bound.